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Brighstone Grange Caring For The Individual

Brighstone Grange is a care home providing residential and day care services and is registered by the Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI). Accommodation and personal care is provided, for up to 23 people over 65 years of age with various health care needs, along with 7 day care places.

Facilities and Services

Care Home Bedroom

Facilities at Brighstone Grange are designed to accommodate the needs of individuals in need of personal care and assistance with physical mobility. Rooms are practical and uncluttered and decorated when vacated. Cleanliness is an important factor and domestic staff are employed to ensure that all areas of the home are kept clean and odour free.

The communal lounge and dining areas are warm and comfortable, providing a homely atmosphere.

Brighstone Grange provides assisted bathing, which allow service users to relax in comfort having entered the bath with ease.

Nursing Home Dining Area

Food, being an extremely important factor in daily living, is a high priority area. A full choice of menu is available to clients for every meal and catering staff liaises with service users and staff to ensure that food is enjoyed. Menus are changed regularly and fresh ingredients are used wherever possible to ensure that meals are delivered to the highest possible standards.

Specialist moving and handling equipment is available in all areas to ensure that service users with poor mobility are moved safely and that staffs are protected from injury. Service users will be involved in developing their own risk assessments in order that they understand the methods used to help them move around the home and the type of equipment that will be used.

Special mattresses are provided to assist service users who are at risk from developing pressure sores because of illness or poor mobility.

Day Care Lounge

Brighstone village has its own Health Care Clinic. Doctors and Community nurses visit on a regular basis, whenever they are needed.
Personal arrangements of your choice can be made for hairdressing, chiropody and other healthcare needs to visit.

Brighstone Grange owns a car to transport service users to activities and appointments. The car can accommodate up to 4 people and trips and outings are a regular feature, much enjoyed by service users and staff alike. The car is also used to transport our day-care service users in and out of the home.

Brighstone Grange Day Care Centre

Brighstone Grange Care Home

This service has been developed to provide day care for elderly people on a regular or ad hoc basis. Our aim is to provide trained staff, a warm comfortable and informal environment and to enable our customers to enjoy the companionship of others. Families and friends who normally have responsibilities for the care of loved ones will be able to take a well earned break or just pop out for a few hours to do some shopping or visit some friends - without worry.

This service is available from Monday to Friday, providing we have the spaces. We are currently registered for 7-day spaces each day.

We can provide transport, facilities to bathe with fully trained staff to help, opportunities to have a homemade lunch and tea and the chance to join in with activities that we provide on certain days.

The charge for Day Care is variable depending on which of the services you require. A typical full day to include pick-up, bath, lunch and return home would cost 35.00 per day


If you require any further information or have any queries please contact Wendy Dickson on any of the contacts below.
Telephone: 01983 740236 • Fax: 01983 740472 • e-mail:
Brighstone Grange, Brighstone, Isle of Wight PO30 4DZ